Breast Implant Illness: Can we fast track help?

For all viewers (23mins)

Danielle Valoras ( USA) 

1. A personal story describing  symptoms and actions

2. The latest research from Brazil from the Breast Implant Illness Health Summit

3. How to get help

Danielle can be contacted + access to BIHealth Summit can be purchased

How to get help for pelvic health issues

For non-HP viewers (27 mins)

Beth Hoag  (Canada) updates us on:

1. Genito-urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM)

2. Education services are key

3. How to find a trained health professional


Connect with Beth here for in-room  ( Ottawa)  or online consult services

Treatment devices to manage tight muscles /fascia and pain 

For non-HP viewers  (11mins)

Ainslie McLean (USA) updates us on:

1. A range of rolling devices and compression devices

2. Personal experience in using a low-level laser

Connect with Ainslie for in-room ( Birmingham) training 

Exercise Screening Tool for health/exercise professionals to use

For HP viewers

Susannah Haarmann  (USA)  updates us on:

1. An exercise screening tool for planning safe exercise for breast cancer pts.

2. View Susannah's new collation: potential risks associated with a range of  breast cancer treatments and how it can be used in your practice.

3. Download the tool here

 Susannah is available for in-room services (North Carolina)      and

Health practitioner training

ALND: A new assessment method for health professionals

For HP viewers (19 mins)

Denise Stewart  (AUSTRALIA)  updates us on:

1. Why pec minor can indicate local impairments from ALND

2. TWO different ways to measure pec minor (research) 

3. A modification for solo therapists to trial

Connect with Denise Stewart ( Australia)  for health /exercise professional training

Integrative medicine and acupuncture

For all viewers

Dr  Angela Lorbeck (USA) updates us on:

1. Integrative medicine and complementary care within a hospital system

2. The top three reasons people seek complementary care

3. How acupuncture helps relieve common side effect experiences

Dr Angela can be contacted for in-room care ( Chicago) 

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