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Getting more oxygen to these tissues is helping to reduce the side -effect experience and improve quality of life. Hear some of the research-based evidence that will keep people on their aromatase inhibitors for 10 years.

Jessica Bertram, a ReVital (tm)  physical therapist, Texas, USA

Melanie Weller, physical therapist, understands body alignment and how misalignment can affect the vagus nerve. This nerve is important for gut function and much, much more. Experience the use of breathing deeply using "unwind" exercises, which in turn can decompress the vagus nerve.

Online training and coaching.

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Naomi Aaronson, occupational therapist, and Pilates instructor explains the background to Pilates and guides you to use a pilates breath pattern.

Naomi is a co-author of the book- Pilates for Breast Cancer Survivors

Amy  Tyler, an oncology massage therapist describes the difference between different massage therapies, so you can better navigate finding the right therapist for you.

Hear the latest research of how hand massage can help with the sensory changes in the hands associated with some cancer meds.

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