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Naomi Aaronson, an occupational therapist, and Pilates instructor guides you through some Pilates exercises. She explains how these can be adapted to sitting, standing or lying down.

Her book of Pilates exercises is available to purchase in hard copy.

Naomi apologies for her movement- she is used to moving in class, not sitting at a video.screen

Susannah Haarmann, a physical therapist and pelvic floor + breast cancer rehab educator catches us up on the resources she has developed for therapists in her Breast Book. 

She outlines her project for 2020 - Kick Pink, a new service to better support breast cancer survivors looking for online education and support better recovery.

Connect to purchase the online book or collaborate with the international online resource of Kick Pink.

Music explains why we connect or disconnect with some things.

Amy Camie, a certified clinical musician, and professional harpist demonstrates how we respond to different situations; human resonance can be seen in music and vibration. Understanding resonance can help in our day to day life.

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Why am I so tired?

Jo Muirhead, a rehabilitation counselor, has developed training programs for people to know and manage their cancer-related fatigue. Beat the boom and bust cycle by knowing which tasks  are important, which tasks can be passed on and which tasks drain the energy bank more than others.

Connect with Jo for consultation and training

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