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Day 1

Developing cancer rehab services across USA

Dr Michael Stubblefield USA

Loving Life Lessons

Amy Camie CCM , USA

Yoga-inspired surgery and care

Dr Emilia Dauway Australia


Do not miss or dismiss cording

Dr Julie Baartz  Australia

Day 2

Pulling back after cancer? Cancer rehab should be available

Mackenzie Pergolotti OT USA

 Practice mindfulness on your device

David Dashinger & Tamara Green  USA

TRAM flap rehab care needs

Denise Stewart OT, Aust.

Massage after mastectomy

Maria Natera MT, USA

Day 3

Managing the chemo side-effects at hands and feet 

Amber Trevino PT DPT USA

Three ways to journal your cancer experience

Dr Robin Dilley, Psychologist, Coach  USA

Taping skin

Clare Anvar Lymphoedema Therapist UK


Have a rehab cancer therapist on your team.

Leslie Walktke PY USA

Day 4

Rehab to manage the anti-estrogen (AI's)  medication side effects

Jessica Bertram PT USA

Why is Pilates suitable?

Naomi Aaronson OT USA

Healing exercises for compromised vagus nerve 

Melanie Weller PT USA


Which massage therapist to choose?

Amy Tyler Oncology MT, Aust

Day 5

Managing Anti-estrogen side effects with photomodulaton

Kelley Mondesire TCM USA

Guide to self- massage 

Marci Javril  Massage and Yoga Therapist  USA

Taping for swelling after mastectomy

David Blow TCM, Italy

Day 6

Understanding  human behavior through music and resonance

Amy Camie CCM  USA

 Practice  pilates with Naomi

Naomi Aaronson OT USA

The Breast Book and Kick Pink project

 Susannah Haarmann PT USA 

Why am I so tired?

 Know more about your fatigue

Jo Muirhead RC Australia

Day 7

Constructing an MDT model of care

Emad Besher  PT Qatar 

Lymphoedema care can be personalized

Cynthia Shechter OT USA

Do not miss or dismiss serratus anterior muscle

Denise Stewart OT Australia

Support a healthy lymph system

Kitiboni Adderley, PT Bahamas

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