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Conquering hormonal therapy side- effects

For all viewers 

Kristin Carroll (USA) updates us on:

1. The different ways estrogen is controlled

2. The side effects linked to these different ways

3. The importance of physical, emotional and non-pharma options to manage side-effects

Kristin can be contacted for consulting and training services for oncology professionals/services

Healing through intimacy and  sexuality

For non-HP viewers

Dr Fran Fisher (USA) updates us on:

1. Step by step discovery of new senses in both intimacy and sexuality.

2. Why self-pleasure is important for healing


Protect yourself - check yourself

Connect with Dr Fran for online consult or resources

PEC MINOR assessment 

For HP viewers

David Ebough (USA) updates us on:

1. The background why testing pec minor length is important

2. Tips to measure resting length and stretched length

3. How pec minor is linked to breast cancer side-effects

David has many research papers, this is the breast cancer related one

The value of Pilates reformer and tower exercises

For all viewers    

Ainslie McLean  (USA) updates us on:

1. Low-gravity and spring  assisted exercises on the reformer can be helpful 

2. Examples of shoulder &neck exercises using the tower

3. Examples of bench stretches for back and quads

all viewers

Connect with Ainslie (Birmingham, Alabama) ) here for in-room services and online services

RESTORE shoulder education program

For HP viewers

Patrice de Peiza (Canada) updates us on:

1. How the RESTORE program was developed

2. Changes to the program following COVID, with learnings from these

3. Training for health professionals: RESTORE shoulder anatomy and impairments

RESTORE Program (Canada)  

Training for health professionals

Healing through therapeutic music

For all viewers

Amy Camie (USA) updates us on:

1.  A new online training program: Conscious self-care ( for health professionals)

2.  How to access Amy's therapeutic music free & purchased

3.  How Amy's music is been integrated into research and cancer care programs

Facebook group

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