Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit 2017

Dr Michael Stubblefield

Mastectomy pain syndrome

  1. A medical perspective on how it can present.

  2. Medical evaluations.

  3. What are the current treatments used by Dr Michael

Daya Fisch

Fascia and why pain occurs in other locations.

  1. What does good breathing style look  and feel like

  2. Follow a couple of great whole body stretches

Susan Nichols

Treatment for lymph/oedema and cording

  1. Watch how this complicated case presents treatment challenges across the body.

  2. See a variety of treatment tools: easy for Susan as a therapist and gentle on the patient's body.

  3. See the outcomes in one treatment.

Jane Van De Velde

Reiki: Helping people after cancer

  1. See what Reiki is and how it helps the body and mind.

  2. Reiki as given by another and as a self treatment.

Carin  Dreijer

Insight into finding the therapist to help you.

1. Communication between both therapist and patient/ client is important.

2. Listening and learning is important.

3. Best tip

Darcy Burbage

Nerve changes secondary to chemotherapy

  1. Hear how these symptoms develop.

  2. What are some of the common experiences.

  3. Are there some solutions.

Tricia La Bella

 Life Stories:Where the real magic begins

  1. When your life story can help you make decisions.

  2. Using journaling to help review  progress

  3. What does BREATHE mean to Tricia

PDF of the presentation available here

BREATHE for Life journal program here

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