Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource

Kristin Carroll:

Rehabilitation and wellness: Overview

Morag Currin 

Skin rashes: How to manage them

Marjorie Brook

Breast cancer scar tissue: Overview

Adriana Cabanas 

Introducing Yoga to survivors in Mexico

Andrea Leonard

Exercise for survivors: Why it needs to be addressed

Paula Holland DeLong 

How a coach helps after breast cancer

Dr Robin Dilley

What you can have in your medicine bag

Karen Anderson 

How to find a cancer aware therapist

Dr Linda Carlson

Mindfulness training.

Avinoam Lerner

Understanding the immune system and

the mind.

Dr David Wilkinson

Can food be used as medicine?

Amy Tyler

Oncology Massage to relieve symptoms.

Renuka Pinto

Physical Recovery: A Physical Therapist's  advice.

Susannah Haarmann

Menopause changes: Physical therapy approach to sexuality.

Andrea Melendi

Physical therapist services in Argentina

Charlotte Nuessle

Meditation practice  

Dr Caroline Sandler

Taking action on cancer related fatigue.

Dr Anna Burrows

Menopause: Non Hormonal treatment

for vaginal changes.

Marianne Cirone

Yoga as therapy: Safe practice guidelines

Elisabeth Josenhans

Mastectomy and cording scar treatment

Eeris Kallil

Massage therapy: Core Alignment Technique

Dr Michael Stubblefield

Mastectomy pain syndrome

Daya Fisch

Fascia and links to other parts of the body.

Susan Nichols

Treatment for lymph/oedema and cording

Jane Van De Velde

Reiki: Helping people after cancer

Carin  Dreijer

Insight into finding the therapist to help you.

Darcy Burbage

Nerve changes secondary to chemotherapy

Tricia La Bella

 Life Stories:Where the real magic begins

Alice McGarvie
The Summit harpist: Listen to Alice's inspiring story

Carol Michaels

Exercise to manage osteoporosis risk

Alene Nitzky

Survivor to FIERCE.

Wendy Smith

Designing a prosthesis with women's needs in mind.

Rebecca Pine

How to deal with emotional scars.

Kelley Mondesire

Acupuncture: Breast cancer care

Stellar Maris Glowinski

Physical Therapy care after breast reconstruction

Lorraine Josey

Posture retraining: Biofeedback vs following corrective instructions

Tracey Grills

Choices and tips for prosthesis and bra selections

Naomi Aaronson

Pilates adapted for breast cancer survivors

Laura Mutti

Physical Therapy after breast cancer in Mantova, Italy

Claire  Davies

Treatment for tight breast cancer scar

Linda Conyard

Counselling: Find the right support after cancer

Lorna Golombic

Insight from physio therapist and use of newer electrical stimulation devices

Janet Schloss

Nerve changes secondary to chemotherapy

Lou James

 11 essential steps to recovery

Paula Holland De Long

What is next after cancer treatment ends?

Normal is not normal anymore (part 1)

Dr Judith Nudleman

Lymphedema: When and how to find a therapist

Denise Stewart

Problematic breast /chest scars:

Assessments to guide your treatment needs

Paula Holland De Long 

Three essential steps to create what's next for best possible life (part 2)

Avinoam Lerner

How clinical hypnosis can help cancer care.

Ellen Barnard

Vaginal changes: Nourishing the tissues to health 

Shannon Carlin

Oncology Naturopathy and Nutritionist

Rii Mitchell

Stillness Meditation 

Morag Curran

Skin care products: Reading the labels 

Eeris Kallil

Questions answered about massage after cancer.

Tracey Grills

Tips for mastectomy prosthesis purchase

Jacqui  Beutel

Tips for lymphoedema care

Fleeting/ Binge technique
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The entire program will take 7 weeks which is a perfect amount of time to make real changes!
To benefit more, ensure that every day of the week you are incorporating a meditation practice and a suitable (enjoyable) exercise taking at least 30 mins.
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"Steady as she goes" immersion technique
Watch one presentation each day of the week.  
The entire program will take 7 weeks which is perfect!
To benefit more, try to incorporate a meditation practice and
a suitable (enjoyable) exercise, taking at least 30 mins.
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