Terri Coutee

Terri Coutee is the Founder and Director of the nonprofit organization DiepCFoundation. After a second breast cancer diagnosis and successful DIEP flap breast reconstruction she continued her profession as a long-time educator and now works a patient advocate for all options of breast reconstruction. Her strong interest in the shared decision-making process and empowering patients with the needed education and resources to be their own best advocate is the focus of her Foundation work. She is a public speaker, attends medical conferences to connect with those in the breast reconstruction community, and serves over 2,300 women and men globally through a Facebook page.


She counsels patients going through the breast reconstruction process by providing guidance from diagnosis, planning surgery, finding well-qualified surgeons, and through to the healing part of breast reconstruction. Her dedicated YouTube channel allows her to continue her social media outreach and education through videos with board certified plastic surgeons and patients discussing the topics pertinent to breast reconstruction. She writes about her experience at DiepCJourney.com. Her Foundation page features the Patient of Courage Award Terri received at the National Plastic Surgery the Meeting in September 2018.

Carin Dreijer


Carin was a founding member of OT Zone Inc in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

For the past decade she has been focussing on the health related quality of life of breast cancer patients, addressing not just their lymphoedema but also resorting tissue mobility, ROM and movement patterns.

She feels this holistic approach is the entire patients is often neglected. 

Carin recently relocated to Hervey Bay, Australia. Gayle Seago and Maretha Logie continue to run OT Zone Inc and are ready to start with the second phase of this “lat flap” project early December 2018. 

Louise Kerr

Visit Louise's website here

Free access to recipes PDF here

Louise Kerr is a dietitian who helps people impacted by cancer to understand how food can help.


Louise founded DishContent in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia in 2018.


DishContent aims to provide nutrition education and support across all stages of cancer treatment. To empower you with simple steps you can choose and control on a daily basis with the collective potential to make a difference.


Louise has worked in preventative health for the last 10 years, most recently with 100’s of clients in weight and chronic disease management whilst continuing to focus her professional development in the area of cancer survivorship.


Her mission at DishContent is to help you put life on the plate and live the life you have.


Louise will present 4 ways you can put “healthy weight on your plate”.

Samantha Clutton

Visit Sam's website here

Samantha Clutton is a clinical psychologist who has worked in the field of psycho-oncology – developing and delivering interventions to people affected by cancer - for the past 15 years. 


Samantha has a particular interest in helping individuals and couples to cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis and treatment and has co-authored a number of scientific articles in this area. 


In particular Samantha has worked on developing and trialling cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness based interventions to help with adjustment.  Samantha currently works in private practice at the Cancer Well-Being Centre in Brisbane, Queensland.

Laurence Westcott


Patrick Burtscher 

Two Bays Myotherapy, Melbourne, Australia

Visit Laurence's website here

I started my professional life as a midwife in France and graduated as a myotherapist in 1989.

For past 20 years had a special interest in Lymphoedema management and rehabilitation of the shoulder after breast cancer.                                                                           

Training in:

  • Casley Smith Method:Principles and practice of Complex Lymphatic Therapy in the treatment of lymphoedema                                         

  • Understanding our connective tissue, level 1: complaints after breast cancer treatment, ByWillemFourie                                                                                              

  • Understanding our connective tissue, level 2: Expanding Horizons, By Willem Fourie    

  • Nordic Walking Instructor 2017            


Visit Patrick's website here


Patrick is a Nordic Walking guru. Together with his wife Maree they’ve been pioneering Nordic Walking in Australia and Asia-Pacific since 2005. Patrick is an International Nordic Walking Master Trainer and the founder and director of Nordic Academy, through which he has been training and educating health and fitness professionals to become qualified Nordic Walking Providers.Patrick’s doing a lot of work with physiotherapists in private practice as well as in public health, with exercise physiologists as well as with personal trainers. Besides, Patrick consults with councils and health organisations to establish sustainable exercise programs.

Marjorie Brook

Visit Marjorie's website here

Marjorie Brook, International Educator, Therapist, Author and creator of the STRAIT method course is one of the most dynamic instructors in the manual therapy world today. Leaving the high-pressure, low fulfillment world of network television, Marjorie found her calling in health and wellness. 

Forever the innovator, Marjorie began blending some of the most proven and successful therapeutic techniques, eventually developing her own system for alleviating the trauma caused by scar tissue and fascial issues.

Seeing a void in materials and information concerning proper stretching Marjorie released Flexibility First: A Fitness Approach for Life. Two series of stretching manuals which provide easy user-friendly guides for stretching oneself and clients to achieve balance throughout the body. Included are protocols for working with major diseases and injuries.

Her STRAIT Method™ is a seamless meeting of her Scar Tissue Release and Integrated Therapeutic Stretching™ approaches. 

A sought-after speaker, consultant and practitioner, Marjorie's seminars have received glowing reviews from attendees of all experience levels.  Her articles have been featured in Massage Today(USA), Massage World (UK) and American Fitness Magazine.

Scar tissue is one of the most common, yet perplexing issues faced by massage therapists and other healing professionals. While several methods may work around the problem, Marjorie Brook will show you how to clear scar tissue with instant results.

Carol Michaels

Visit Carol's website here


Carol is an exercise specialist. 

2016 IDEA Health & Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year
Carol has another video presentation on osteoporosis in the 2017 Summit. 
This is a great guide and still relevant today: for people at risk of fractures secondary to osteoporosis.
Transfer to the Summit at the sponsor website and choose week 5 ( green button); Carol Michaels

Denise Stewart

Website is here


Telehealth: Online consults and health professional support

Denise Stewart, has used her Occupational Therapist experience and personal experience of persistent shoulder problem, to delve deeply into physical impairments after breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy. 30 years ago, there was no research in the area of assessment or treatment of physical impairments - other than lymphoedema. Denise developed non- invasive rehabilitation interventions: to help her patients recover faster and better.


To improve awareness of these impairments and treatments Denise developed her own Youtube material to share information and empower survivors and health professionals to take more proactive rehabilitation action. 

This work has been presented at lymphoedema conferences and workshops over the last 20 years and online training material and support is now available for health professionals.  

Pec minor assessment - full free paper link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1934353/

With this level of experience Denise now  confidently offers survivors who can not access local services, online scar and cording services. Some people who have the right self care approach-  appreciate being taught hands-on scar and cording self -massage techniques.

Kitiboni Rolle Adderley

Visit Kiti's website here

Kitiboni (Kiti) Adderley is the Owner & Senior Physical Therapist of Handling Your Health Wellness & Rehab. Kiti graduated from the University of the West Indies School of Physical Therapy, Jamaica, in 2000 and obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Utica College, Utica, New York, in 2017. Over the last 10 years,


Kiti has been involved in an intensive study and mentorship of Oncology Rehabilitation and more specifically, Breast Cancer Rehab where her focus has been on limiting the side effects of cancer treatment including lymphedema, and improving the quality of life of cancer survivors. She has been a Certified Lymphedema Therapist since 2004. She is also a Certified Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis and Bra Fitter and Custom Compression Garment Fitter.


Kiti is avid believer in continuing education to advance her skills and improve her treatment offerings to her patients and clients. She has a passion for orthopedic and women's health and strives to provide high quality, personalized care. She is a very manual therapist and is trained in Myofascial Release and McKenzie's Techniques she is certified in Pregnancy Massage and is a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner and Instructor.

Kiti is a Professional Advisor of The Bahamas Breast Cancer Initiative Foundation, the One Eleuthera Foundation and a Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Educator. She has served as President of the Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists for four years and currently represents the Bahamas at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. She has worked with numerous National Sports Teams and has volunteered with the National Kingdor Parkinsons Association.   

Lisa Vento Nielsen

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Lisa Vento Nielsen is an author, speaker, career expert and cancer survivor. She has been an executive, entrepreneur and educator for over 20 years.


Her story about surviving cancer and being a mom, small business owner, wife and author is a universal story around balancing  health, wellness and business. 


As a nonprofit founder, her passion is in helping others who have experienced cancer and their families.  


She is a career management and social media expert with specific expertise in college and career readiness with online training, seminars and one on one help available to help any one take the next step with their business or career. 


You can find out more at lisaventonielsen.com or balanceaftercancer.org

Jo Muirhead, Kylie Warry

You can learn more about Purple Co’s Fatigue Management Program here

Jo Muirhead & Kylie Warry are both seasoned Rehabilitation Counsellors and coaches.

In 2014 Jo noticed a growing problem with people reporting fatigue as the biggest barrier for being
able to return to their life following cancer treatment. Traditional fatigue management and energy conversation programs have required out of home attendance and have largely been a combination of nutrition, exercise and psychology. While these programs have been beneficial they were not meeting the needs of a growing number of people who require a different approach – an approach to help them take back control of their lives.
The Purple Co Fatigue Management Program was born.
Kylie is a trained Purple Co Fatigue Management program facilitator and post cancer survivor who has been learning how to manage her own fatigue including cognitive fatigue (brain fog). Through her training in the delivery of the program she has gained incredibly useful insight into her own energy management which she will share with us in this session.
Jo and Kylie will provide an interview style of session sharing our unique insights into the 3
fatigues. Physical, Cognitive and Emotional.


Emrys Goldsworthy

  1. Emrys can be contacted at his website here

  2. Breast cancer and manual vagus nerve stimuation article is here

Emrys is the director and principal clinician at Athletica Physical Health and has owned and operated clinics for over 10 years. In addition to practicing as a Musculoskeletal Therapist, he is the writer and presenter of his own method "The Goldsworthy Protocol for Manual Therapy and Rehabilitation". Previously, he was the Senior Lecturer for the Department of Musculoskeletal Therapy at the Endeavour College of Natural Health, a position he held for over 9 years. 

After resolving his own health issues with diet and lifestyle changes, he discovered his passion for health and natural medicine. 12 years on, he practices functional medicine with a focus on chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones became a physiotherapist with the dream of one day working with the Australian Wallabies. However, it was once she'd graduated from the University of Queensland and started working in the hospital system she realised that her passion was in working with cancer patients instead of rugby players.


She has extensive clinical experience in both Brisbane, Australia and the UK, specialising in oncology, palliative care and cancer rehabilitation. In addition to her physiotherapy work, she is a qualified lymphoedema therapist and personal trainer. 

Caroline is passionate about enriching the lives of those affected by cancer through education and physical activity. Combining the use of exercise as medicine to treat the many possible side effects of cancer treatment with her significant hospital experience she has established her own health and fitness coaching program.

Linda Scheele

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Linda Scheele is  currently the owner of My Restorative Yoga and is Certified in Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Cancer Yoga and is a Reiki Master. She has taught classes in addiction centers and works with Dr. Collins at South Florida Radiation Oncology working and teaching cancer patients. 


Linda also owns Aging in Reverse, her professional speaking company on Health, Wellness and Aging in Reverse.  She has given talks on the benefits of Cancer Yoga at several events in South Florida.  She will be the opening speaker at Annie Appleseed; the largest event in South Florida speaking on Yoga for Cancer in 2019.   

Linda has taught Reiki at Florida Atlantic University to their advanced nursing students.  She recently released her DVD Chair Yoga and her CD Yoga Nidra Meditation.

Emma Mc George

Download the lubricant checklist here   https://www.thepelvichub.com/post/lubricant

Visit website here

Managing pelvic health should be about helping the whole person. The human body is wonderfully complex and often it is not just one symptom or system that needs to be addressed.  


I believe people experiencing pelvic health issues need choice and genuine support. But when people find the courage to seek help it is common for their experiences to be minimised, or worse, normalised. 

That’s why I founded The Pelvic Hub— to combat stigma, create positive pathways to pelvic health and to enable people to take an active role in their own recovery.”

Morag Currin

Visit Morag's Website here for training events

Morag Currin is a highly sought-after esthetic educator with more than 23 years of spa industry experience and more than eight years of training and training management experience. She pioneered the only Oncology Esthetics® certification for spa professionals and has set the standard in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She also is the author of Oncology Esthetics: A Practitioner’s Guide (Allured Books, 2009) and Health Challenged Skin: The Estheticians’ Desk Reference (Allured Books, 2012).


She travels around the globe with her training and expertise, helping to raise the bar in the spa industry and to open the door to all people, regardless of skin type or health condition. Going beyond the world of esthetics, Morag continues to reach out to those suffering from a variety of health challenges through Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW).

Dr David Wilkinson

Visit David's website here

Dr David S Wilkinson graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Queensland, and in 1996, completed his training as a general surgeon with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He subsequently furthered his oncological expertise in the subspecialty of Breast and Endocrine Surgery, both in Australia and England.

He has treated thousands of cancer patients over the last twenty years in his capacity as a specialist Breast and Endocrine Surgeon.

Having published scientific papers in peer-reviewed medical journals, Dr David  Wilkinson has regularly been invited to speak at cancer conferences. Whilst his current practice centres on the breast and thyroid, Dr Wilkinson has also managed a wide variety of other cancers.

“Can food be medicine against cancer?”was written in response to repeated requests from his patients for information about the potential benefits of the right food.

Dr Veronique Desaulniers

Visit Dr V's website here

Dr. V is the founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror and creator of The 7 Essentials System, a step-by-step educational program with the goal of preventing ‘dis-ease’ and creating naturally vibrant health. Her signature process is empowering thousands of women in 39 countries around the world.

The maze of Internet information can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming for women who are facing a Breast Cancer diagnosis. Dr. V’s own personal healing journey with Breast Cancer gives her an empathetic perspective to understand other women facing a healing journey.

Dr. V has been in the Wellness Industry for 40 years, beginning with her Chiropractic degree in 1979. Her passion for health and wellness inspired Dr. V to pursue extensive studies in various fields of Energy Medicine. Her specialty in Chiropractic, Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy, and Digital Thermography empowers Dr. V with a unique approach to Health and Wellness.

Dr. V is an Amazon #1 bestselling author in nine different categories, including Oncology Nursing, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Oncology, Alternative Medicine, Chemotherapy, Health, Fitness and Dieting, Women’s Health, and Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. V has been featured in the world-renowned Truth About Cancer Docu-series and TTAC LIVE stages. She was also invited to participate in many Summits and podcasts relating to health and wellness.

She is a guest contributor to Natural News, Green Med Info, Natural Health 365, Mind Body Green, Wellness.com, and many other sites.

 “I do what I love and I love what I do” is a motto that Dr. V lives by.

Stephen Mahony

Visit Stephen's website here

Stephen is a Physiotherapst with an interest in outdoors activities, sports physical therapy, and has additional training in nordic walking.

Online training for nordic walking is being investigated by Stephen so that he can bring the training that is required to do this exercise right,  to people who live outside of  Brisbane, Australia

Shannon Carlin

Visit Shannon's website here

Shannon works from an evidence base, utilising the pathology department in the ReMed clinic to gain a clear understanding of what is going on within the body.


Shannon incorporates complementary nutritional and herbal medicines, flower essences and homeopathy to assist in individualised treatment plans for her patients.

Nearly 20 years ago, when her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a fairly rare blood cancer), they investigated natural medicine to support chemotherapy treatment, and together used naturopathy, diet and nutrition as a support to traditional care. Her mother was given the devastating prognosis of 18 months to live, yet almost 20 years later her cancer remains in a manageable state, with good quality of life.

Deborah Hughes

Visit Debbie's website here

Debbie’s interest in fitness and nutrition led her to her first personal training job over 20 years ago. She became Nautilus Certified and continued her education by attending Suffolk Community College to earn her A.S. in Fitness Specialist.  Debbie holds an ACE Certification in Personal Training, is a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, a Certified Reiki Practitioner, and is currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) earning her Holistic Health Coach Certification.


Throughout the years she has worked with a variety of clients with many different needs.  In 2005, she started her own company, The Fitness Club, which provides personal training and nutritional counseling to help clients achieve their full potential through exercise, whole foods, and happy living!

Debbie became a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist after her friend and mentor lost her battle with breast cancer, this led to her to start Strength for Life with Jacqui Errico. It has become her personal mission to promote the amazing benefits of exercise, nutrition and complementary care for those diagnosed with cancer and to keep the memory of her friend alive.

Lou James

Visit Lou's website here

Lou James is the pioneering force behind the cancer rehabilitation movement in New Zealand and Australia. Thanks to her incredible work, hundreds of cancer survivors have got their lives back to the way they once were – and many more in the future can look forward to similarly reclaiming their former selves.

Lou, an experienced physiotherapist, is responsible for the introduction of the PINC Program: an individualised rehabilitation and exercise program, previously known as Pink Pilates, which focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of female cancer survivors.


The programme has supported more than 10000 women since its inception. Its male equivalent – The STEEL Program– has been subsequently introduced.

Dana Danofree

Visit Dana's website here

Dana founded AnaOno after being diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma at the age of 27.  She began to design the first pieces out of necessity and desire for pretty, sexy, beautiful lingerie during a recovery period that was everything but.

Dana made it her mission to design specifically for those who’ve had breast reconstruction, breast surgery, mastectomy, or are living with other conditions that cause pain or discomfort because  Ana Ono - where comfort should not be a compromise.

Dr Julie Baartz

I graduated in Medicine from the University of Queensland in 1980. 

I have worked in General Practice from 1988 to present which also includes 3 years 1995 to 1998 working for the RACGP in their continuing education department.

My interest in breast cancer and nutrition began In 1998 when I was diagnosed with my first breast cancer. Nutrition only received a cursory mention in my medical training. I fortunately had an opportunity to work with Prof Mel Sydney-Smith a globally respected teacher of evidence based Nutritional and Environmental Medicine from 2003 to 2008. In 2008 I was awarded a Graduate Certificate in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine from the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

In 2013 and 2018 I was diagnosed with a further 2 primary breast cancers. The current one unfortunately had metastasised at diagnosis despite being on standard preventive treatment, tamoxifen.

Since diagnosis in February I have completed Certificate Courses in “Cancer in the 21st Century” from the University of Glasgow, “Using Personalised Medicine and Pharmacogenetics” from the University of East Anglia, “Inside Cancer” from the University of Bath, “Genomic Technologies in Clinical Diagnostics: next generation sequencing” from the St George’s University of London and “Clinical Bioinformatics” from the University of Manchester.

I have engaged in my own research into the causes of tamoxifen resistant breast cancer and the role genetics, nutrition and lifestyle play in turning the breast cancer genes into drivers of both the primary disease and the development of treatment resistance but more importantly how to turn these drivers off again. Further to this I am hoping that integrating nutrition and lifestyle strategies into standard breast cancer management will reduce the risks of developing further treatment resistant breast cancer, improve the efficacy of current standard treatment regimens and lastly but not least improve the quality of life for all patients with breast cancer, so they can be a thriver not just a surviver!


An De Groef

An and her team of researchers have been working on developing a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of physical therapy to people after breast cancer.  The tool is a rating scale used by the therapist to rate the severity of scars and adhesions.

The first paper published 2017


The rating scale /tool is available for free access from this article.

The validation paper has just been published with full free access here

Dr Robin Dilley

Visit Dr Robin's website here

Besides a licensed psychologist, Dr. Dilley is also an ordained minister with Universal Life Church.
In 1999, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I used guided imagery with the image of a tiger devouring my mutant cells as one way to help the treatment process of chemotherapy and radiation. I continue to use the image of the tiger still today. However, when I was finished with medical treatment, I felt vulnerable and unsettled. I sought something more.

It was no coincidence that Trinity Episcopal Cathedral was dedicating their beautiful Chartres Style 11-Circuit Labyrinth on New Year’s Eve of 2000. I went to the dedication ceremony and made an internal commitment to walk the labyrinth once a week for the following year. Although I first heard about the labyrinth in the early nineties, it was during that year, I developed a love relationship with the labyrinth and have used it in many of my workshops and teachings since then.

As my practice transitioned, I decided to seek training and become an Advanced Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. You can find out more about Veriditas athttp://www.veriditas.org

I now offer multiple workshops that include Labyrinth walks as well as speak and teach about the labyrinth as a way of helping churches, organizations, medical facilities, schools and correctional facilities integrate the labyrinth into their healing paradigms for those they serve.

Angela Noviello

Visit Angela's website here

Angela received her certification in Oncology Esthetics in April 2013. Daring to move beyond the traditional aesthetics, she discovered a deep passion and wants to be a comfort to cancer patients. Since May 2013 she has been working as a volunteer with a major hospital and treatment Institute “San Raffaele Hospital” to offer beauty treatments to cancer patients. She is also currently the Director of the Aesthetics Division of Milano Aesthetica Medical SPA.

Kelley Mondesire

Visit Kelley's website here

Kelley Mondesiré, DAOM, AP, L.Ac., is a RI, FL, and NY State Board certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with advanced education in orthopedic/sports medicine, gynecology and pelvic floor disorders.

She practices Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology and is one of the very few practitioners in New York City who utilizes both infrared and cold laser therapy to treat patients.  Kelley is a referred TCM health care provider of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.


Ms. Mondesiré is a graduate of the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and has been team physician for several elite athletic organizations.

Alison Potts

Visit Alison's website here

I am a meditation coach, well-being mentor, writer and teacher in self-care, meditation and wellness.  Originally from Britain, where I had a career in radio production and publicity management at the BBC, I now live in Brisbane, Australia. My work is dedicated to teaching practices for greater self-connection, self-worth and thriving, including yoga, meditation and personal coaching.

I am passionate about the practices of self connection, self embrace and cherishing all one’s sacred instincts.

Laura Mutti

Laura Muttii works as a Physical Therapist at the hospital at Carlo Poma Mantova.


Laura has been a presenter at the previous BCR&W Summits and participated in the

Share Cording Protocols project 2014

Andrea DiBlasio

Benjamin Boyd

 2016 full free paper - Nordic walking and effects on limb circumference  for breast cancer survivors         


Andrea is a sports scientist , Italy.

I recommend using Youtube auto translate and the slides with English translations offer the research papers to review for further information.

Benjamin Boyd (PT, DPTSc, OCS) is currently an Associate Professor at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, California, where he primarily teaches in the Musculoskeletal Patient/Client Management and Capstone course series. He has been teaching courses on peripheral nervous system anatomy, biomechanics, clinical evaluation and intervention since 2004 and he joined the NOI US teaching faculty in 2013.

The breast cancer laterality study is here

Tina Doueihi

Visit Tina's website here

Tina Doueihi was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 at 37 years of age.  There was no family history of the disease.


Tina is the Founder & Creator of Red Fern Lingerie, an exciting new Australian mastectomy lingerie brand.


Tina created Red Fern Lingerie from her personal experience with breast cancer and the extreme limited choice available to women post surgery and treatment. 


Tina wants to help women heal and reclaim their body confidence through the beauty of lingerie and offering a new choice in mastectomy lingerie.


Susannah Haarmann

Visit Susannah's website here

Get your screening checklist here

Susannah Haarmann, PT, WCS, CLT is a board certified Women's Clinical Specialist of the American Physical Therapy Association and certified lymphedema therapist. She completed her residency in women's health at Duke University & Medical Center in 2012. As a faculty member with the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute,

Susannah teaches continuing education courses to medical practitioners around the United States on topics such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, colorectal conditions and breast cancer rehabilitation.

She wrote the course 'Rehabilitation for the Breast Cancer Patient' which she teaches globally and is an international expert in this arena. Susannah is an author and private practice owner. 

Jocelyn Kope

Visit Jocelyn's website here

Jocelyn attained her BSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2009 and has completed training in techniques Marjorie Brook’s STRAIT Method and therapeutic stretching, the Stecco approach to fascial manipulation, and the Barral Institute’s visceral manipulation.


She draws on this unique skill-set to bring relief to anyone struggling with chronic headaches, neck and jaw pain, menstrual-related pain, and scar-related problems.

Dr Anita Elias

Dr Anita can be contacted here

Dr Anita Elias is a medical practitioner and psychotherapist, specialised and working in Sexual Medicine and Sexual and Relationship Therapy for 17 years. She attained the inaugural Fellowship of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine in 2012. She is Head of the Sexual Medicine and Therapy Clinic at Monash Medical Centre, and works in the Psychosexual Service at The Women's Hospital, as well as in private practice. She is involved in teaching medical students at Monash and Melbourne Universities, as well as educating health practitioners and the community in sexual issues.

Kristin Carroll

Kristin Carroll's website is here

I am a physical therapist and entrepreneur , Director at  Survivorship Solutions,  who affirms that we are all put on this earth not to be ordinary beings. My life is guided by a quote which helps me strive toward personal and professional growth.

"You are not merely here to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.” –Woodrow Wilson


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