2017  Summit guest speakers

Ellen Barnard

Facilitating sexual pleasure

Ellen Barnard  is the co-owner of A Woman's Touch Sexuality Resource Center. For the past 20 years Ellen has been working with breast cancer survivors and their partners as they find their way through the changes in intimacy and sexuality that happen after cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Sex educator and counselor

Madison, USA

Dr Linda Carlson

What is mindfullness and does it work?

Dr Linda speaks about what mindfulness is and how people can be trained in this state of mind. Listen to Dr Linda's review of how her research has developed clinical practice to help people manage distress after cancer. Dr. Linda  has published over 150 research papers and book chapters in the area of psycho-oncology. She is the Director of Research and works as a Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Psychosocial Resources at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, Canada.

Calgary, Canada

Amy Tyler

Oncology massage is.....

Amy specialises in scar tissue release and runs her private practice. She is a skilled therapist, as well as being an internationally accredited teacher for Oncology Massage Ltd. Hear how an Oncology massage therapist combines techniques to best suit the needs of each client whether they are suffering the stress of daily life or have chronic or life limiting illness.

Oncology Massage Therapist

Sydney, Australia

Carin Dreijers

A journey for both the therapist and the patient/client/person

Carin speaks about her learning journey as an Occupational Therapist.  Helping people recovering from the physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer has been a collaborative effort with her patients, finding the right mentors and continual learning.  It will be hard not to be inspired to take action.

Morag Currin

 Morag’s has developed training for estheticians and skin care professionals so they can best serve people after a cancer diagnosis.  As a Director of the International Society for Oncology Esthetics, Morag's role is to build awareness for this modality in both the esthetic/ spa and medical community. Listen to Morag speak about the need for change and how to select a breast cancer aware service provider. 

Kristin Carroll

Cancer rehabilitation & wellness: Know the difference

Kristin Carroll has over 25 years of clinical experience and has spent the last 10 years in oncology rehabilitation. Kristin is an oncology clinician and consultant and focuses on program development, planning & growth, data collection & analysis, mentorship, education, accreditation standard adherence and quality improvement.

Physical Therapist


Dr Anna Burrows

A non hormonal treatment to manage changes to tissues of the vagina associated with menopause

Dr Anna will show the changes that happen in the vaginal tissues, with menopause. You will see how a custom designed laser device can bring about positive changes in these tissues. 

Medical Specialist in Gynaecology

Brisbane, Australia

Karen Anderson

Finding health providers who are experienced in post cancer care

Karen understands how hard it is for people after cancer to receive the right information about their rehab and health recovery options. Karen has developed a website to increase knowledge and choice for services that will help individuals wanting more for their recovery- Foundation96.com. Hear how this free service works.

Exercise Physiologist

Australia and USA

Susannah Haarmann

Solutions for sexual problems

Sometimes breast surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can result in significant negative changes with your ability and interest in sex. Listen to Susannah speak about many options for changing this experience and her tips to help relieve uncomfortable or painful physical experiences. 


North Carolina, USA

Marjorie Brook

Scars: Reducing their impact on the body

Marjorie has worked hard to understand the longer term complexity of scar formation after surgery and radiotherapy. By recognizing scars have both an emotional and physical presence, Marjorie has developed caring hands on practices to create positive changes for individuals. Hear how scar tissue  varies for each person and how to find a therapist to help treat scar tissue.

Massage Therapist, Scar Treatment Educator 

Long Island, USA

Your Summit Co-ordinator

Denise Stewart

Denise will present the latest in assessment for problematic cording and mastectomy scars. Scars are frequently not given much attention and yet they can affect the body's performance for years after.

Know more about your breast scars and decide on your action plan.

Occupational Therapist


Tricia LaBella

Life stories: where the real magic lies

Trish is the creator of the BREATHE for Life journals (T). BREATHE the acronym ‘opens the door’ to build skills and empowerment during a cancer experience and beyond.

Tricia will talk about the value of using personal past successes and ‘feel good’ strategies to achieve wellbeing and quality of life during cancer and beyond.

Dip T, Grad Dip. Social Science


Linda Conyard

Trauma, death and dying: Lets talk

Linda uses her training and life experiences to help people understand trauma that has not been processed. 

Linda will talk about why it is important to understand  and deal with the trauma associated with cancer and why having a conversation about  death and dying can result in living a fuller life.

Gestalt Therapist, Oncology Massage Therapist, Family Constellation Facilitator and Amici (Friend of the Dying)

Brisbane, Australia

Carol Michaels

Why is an exercise routine important?

Carol is the author of Exercises for Cancer Survivors and developed the Cancer Specialist Recovery Course in partnership with the National Federation of Professional Trainers. Carol is founder of the Recovery Fitness® cancer exercise program and has been recognized for her work with 2016 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year.

Carol will share insights from her work.

New Jersey, USA

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Shannon Curlin

Naturopathy and Nutrition complimentary therapy

Shannon presents her model of practice where she  uses supplements alongside the Oncologists treatment program. The case study shows how the changes in the side effects experience from Tamoxifen, allowed the woman to return and complete her recommended Oncologists protocol.

BHSc, BBus

Melbourne, Australia

Renuka Pinto

Physical Therapy: Recovery New York style

Recovery of full arm movement after breast cancer is really important for New York city women. Renuka explains the physical therapy treatment approach and goals for treatment for people after breast cancer.

Physical Therapist

New York, USA

Susan Nichol

Treating lymphoedema and cording

Susan and her client demonstrate a treatment session for lymphoedema and cording. They both speak about the need for a team of health professionals to bring about improvements when the physical side effects are complex. Susan applies her Genetics and Cellular Biology and Occupational Therapy training to provide a comprehensive and unique approach.

Washington Island, USA

Jane Van De Velde

Reiki: How it can help after a cancer diagnosis

Jane saw how stressed people were as patients and carers dealing with  cancer.  Jane is a nurse, a Reiki instructor and a trainer and has set up volunteer Reiki programs to help people after a cancer diagnosis. Listen to Jane speak about what Reiki is and the benefits especially for survivors and their carers. The thereikishareproject.org was founded by Jane. 

Charlotte Nuessle

Meditations to help rewire the "inner critic" voice

Charlotte is well practiced at understanding the impact of  a inner critical voice that can develop after trauma. Charlotte uses her extensive study of Yoga and brain plasticity to create guided meditations. Join Charlotte in three meditations to feel support, kindness and connection and feel examples of how we can rewire a new, kinder inner voice.

BSc. Gerontology, Yoga Therapy Teacher


Adriana Cabanas

Introducing Yoga for breat cancer survivors in Mexico

Adriana is a medical doctor and yoga instructor, who has combined both of her passions and scientific research to bring yoga to breast cancer patients in Mexico and Chile together with her team. She brings the power of movement and breathing as a complementary therapy to aid in secondary effects. Get inspired and  let's share all that we can do, let's get moving. 

Wendy Smith

Breast prosthesis: considerations after mastectomy

Choosing to wear a prosthesis after mastectomy is an individual decision by women after their surgery. Wendy describes post breast cancer issues and options for women to consider, based on her many years as a designer and manufacturer. Prosthetist and Clinical Anaplastologist 

Winnebago, Canada

Paula Holland De Long

Do you need a coach after breast cancer?

Paula Holland De Long is an authority on how the lessons of cancer survivorship can bring joy, passion and purpose to anyone's life. Her evolving message of “Dare to Live What Matters Now” creates confidence, clarity, and empowerment for clients and audiences around the country (USA). Paula will speak about how a coach, who is cancer aware,  can help.

Life Coach

Florida, USA

Dr Robin Dilley

Finding calm during the day

Why has the brain gone into "overdrive" and sounds like "monkey chatter". This will be explained and how thoughts can be calmed. There is much research about the health benefits of mind relaxation and calm on the body, specifically after a cancer diagnosis. Dr Robin will take you through guided imagery to demonstrate one method that helps people find calmer thoughts. Participate and see how it works for you.

Clinical Psychologist

Arizona, USA

Dr Michael Stubblefield

Post- mastectomy persistent pain

Dr Micheal Stubblefield is a national and international leader in Cancer Rehabilitation. His specialty being the diagnosis and treatment of nerve and muscle disorders that can occur after cancer surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. Michael is currently driving improved access to comprehensive rehabilitation services for people after a cancer diagnosis  at hospitals throughout USA.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

New Jersey, USA

Naomi Aaronson

Pilates to suit people after breast cancer.

Naomi has used Pilates in the rehabilitation of breast cancer survivors and is the co-author on the subject.

Research has demonstrated that Pilates can be an excellent adjunct to traditional therapeutic exercise techniques. Naomi will present her insights into Pilates for post breast cancer care.

Occupational Therapist, Hand Therapist, Pilates Instructor

New York USA

Andrea Leonard

How to get back into exercise

Andrea  wrote Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors and developed the Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification and Breast Cancer Recovery for health and fitness professionals. 

Andrea knows how hard it can be and  how choosing the right exercise to suit you, and the right level, works.

Listen to Andrea share her  wealth of experience and how important it is to choose a breast cancer aware trainer.  

Personal Trainer

Oregon USA

Tracey Grills

 I am passionate about ladies looking good and feeling as good as they can about their mastectomy wardrobe. Listen to the variety of options available for prostheses after mastectomy.

Certified Breast Prosthesis Fitter

Brisbane, Australia

Marianne Cione

Safe and healthy Yoga practices after breast cancer

Marianne is a passionate advocate for people affected by cancer. Marianne founded the Integrative Cancer Review 2015 and is Principal Investigator on a study on yoga, Reiki and massage for cancer patients.

Marianne will share her insights from her 12 years of experience with cancer patients working towards wellness through these practices.

Writer, Yoga and Wellness Educator, Healthcare Consultant

Chicago, USA

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Dr Judith Nudleman

Lymphedema: How to find the right care

Dr Judith explains the challenges of finding the right care. Know the history of lymphedema care within the health and educational systems to empower your actions to get the care you need. Treatment method explained and online resources provided. This is an America experience, yet  the issues are similar across the world.

Medical Doctor, Lynmphedema Therapist,


Jacqui Beutel

Treatment options for managing lymphoedema

Jacqui speaks about the treatments she uses within her practice to help people manage swelling  that can develop after breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy.

Remedial Massage Therapist

Brisbane, Australia

Andrea Melendi

Physical Therapy for people after breast cancer in Argentina

See how a physical therapist is helping people recover from shoulder problems and lymphoedema in Argentina.  Andrea demonstrates a gentle and quick treatment for her client who has changes in her shoulder after a mastectomy. 

Physical Therapist, Argentina

Dr Carolina Sandler

Dealing with fatigue

Dr Carolina will help you understand what post-cancer fatigue is. Identify some trigger and patterns in post-cancer fatigue and learn some strategies for managing energy / fatigue – including activity pacing and  basic sleep strategies.

BSc (Health and Sport), AEP, PhD.  

Brisbane, Australia

Laura Mutii

Physiotherapy services for breast cancer survivors in Mantova, Italy

A rehabilitation hospital in Mantova has been providing physical recovery services to people with arm movement and scar tissue problems.  Listen to how this unique breast cancer rehab happens in a public health system in a small town in Italy.

This presentation is in Italian.

Rebecca Pine

How to deal with emotional scars

Rebecca supports those newly diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as survivors, previvors, and those living with active disease. An eight-year survivor herself, she helps those in the process of transforming inner emotional scars. Rebecca offers practical, every-day tools and tips that are both powerful and easy-to-use. 

Daya Fisch

Why the shoulder becomes painful and stiff?

Daya will speak about the connective tissues in the body - called fascia. The fascia connections at the scar tissue, that forms after surgery and radiotherapy, explains why arm movement is affected. Knowing this connection offers new treatment methods for people experiencing tightness, stiffness or pain.

Lymphoedema Therapist, Myofascial Therapist

California, USA

Avinoam Lerner

Managing the fear after braest cancer diagnosis

Avinoam will discuss the powerful effects on the immune system by the subconscious-mind. How support in this area can help people cope with, and overcome the many challenges embedded in the cancer journey. Hypnosis will be explained - a method to connect with events that could be responsible for stress responses within the body and methods of reprogramming these responses to regain health and resilience.

Clinical Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner

Boston, USA

Rii Mitchell

Calm with Stillness Meditation

The link between stress and immune system dysfunction is a scientific fact now. 

With the practice of Stillness Meditation Therapy, the mind experiences a state of complete rest to a point where the mind does not register discomfort or pain of any kind; restoring the body’s natural balance.

Rii will speak about her methods to help people successfully learn meditation, deeply rest their mind and body and naturally reduce anxiety and stress.

Brisbane, Australia

Kelley Mondesire

Acupuncture for better health

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are being used to help people recover and be well long after the cancer diagnosis. Listen to the important considerations about these interventions for people after breast cancer and which annoying and unwanted symptoms can be relieved.

Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

New York, USA

Darcy Burbage

The latest research in Chemo related nerve side effects

Darcy is passionate about  helping people maximize their quality of life after a cancer diagnosis. Her most recent research is the difficult experience of nerve and muscle changes associated with some chemotherapy and how that experience varies between people.


Philladelphia, USA

Stella Maris Glowinski

Stella is passionate about helping the body and mind recover early after surgery to remove cancer and does this in collaboration with a cancer care team in Italy. Stella has developed many hands on physical treatment methods to positively change scars and swelling after surgery. This presentation will be in Italian. 


Rome, Italy

Dr Claire Davies

Treating mastectomy scar

Dr. Claire Davies has researched Astym therapy for mastectomy scar tissue and developed an assessment to help measure the severity of an individual's scar tissue.

Listen to how ASTYM can help therapists treat tightness in the chest after mastectomy  and how the clothing questionnaire measures improvements from her treatment program.

Physical Therapist and Research Consultant

Kentucky, USA

Dr David Wilkinson

Can Food be Medicine Against Cancer?

David has treated thousands of cancer patients as a breast and endocrine specialist over the last 20yrs. David, sorted through the complex maze of available research, and crystallized the results into a core of evidence-based practical advice in his book “Can food be medicine against cancer?" David will talk about some best foods and how to prepare them in the best way.


Brisbane, Australia

Alene Nitzky

The importance of a team and working hard

Alene is the creator of the FIERCE®: Functional & Fit, Independent, Energized, Restored, Confident & Empowered Concept. Her program helps people to build skills, improve function and quality of life, and reduce risk of cancer recurrence as well as comorbidities. Alene will also talk about an online restorative service for patients and caregivers during and after cancer treatment.

Ph.D, RN, Oncology Nurse, Marathon runner

Colorado, USA

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