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My story is one of being allowed to have choices and to be supported well be my family and peers in my adventures.

I am a sole Occupational Theraist and there was no reason why I could not learn all the tasks tahare required to put an online Summit together.

WHY? I see the lack of information sharing about rehabilitation to people after bresta cancer as being unjust and unnecessary and something has to change- preferably in my lifetime.

Behind the scenes information

I woke at 5.30am to get ready for the recordings with the American speakers. 5pm in NY is 7am in Brisbane, and so a brisk walk in the dark early morning was what was needed to be prepared. This will also explain why some presenters had dark videos- as lighting at 5-7pm is hard to get right in most homes.


The internet in Brisbane is LOUSY! But  let's not stop that from sharing this valuable information.

Over the last three months my two miniature poodles gave up on me. Lucky for them, walks and feeding were taken over by Nino -  THANKS NINO.

All the speakers at the Summit volunteered their time and efforts to present to you.  


Connecting with like minded health professionals, across countries, has already had benefits to each of us in our day to day practice.  There will be a flow on effect from the health professionals involved in this project to the breast cancer survivor.

Despite improvements in breast cancer prevention, over the next 10 years there will be increasing numbers, in fact many thousands of breast cancer survivors who will need expert help to recover and be as well as possible.



This project has grown out of wanting to make a difference to the life of one more person who suffers unwanted side effects after having breast cancer.

The summit is a private project and has not been eligible to receive grants or funding through breast cancer charities. I am very fortunate to have found like minded service providers with the same passion and commitment to support the project development.

We are mostly connections of  micro - small business owners and hospital employees who believe that joined energies are better than single energy.

As expected,  financial support for a project like this is welcome

Join this network: Care and informed support are both needed to help people after breast cancer.

Denise Stewart 

Occupational Therapist

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