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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness
Constellation  group

Constellation Group

Breast Cancer survivors need to have well informed and skilled service providers.

Their life threatening diagnosis, location of the surgery, the intensity of chemotherapy and lasting impact from radiotherapy creates symptoms and side effects are unique to breast cancer survivors.

Treatments and services need to be tailored to the individual's experience to maximize their recovery and wellness.

Many different health professionals and service providers have already stepped into the challenge of improving outcomes for breast cancer. Connect with these service providers to develop a resource network to help you, help people recover better and be healthy.

A Google group is the platform for this connection. The Google group has restricted access and so you will need to apply to the Administrator. Your responsibilities and terms and conditions for being a google group member are found at the application. Having a gmail account is essential for connecting on this platform.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness
Constellation  Register for training opportunities 

Constellation Register

This is a register for fee for service training/ educational opportunities.

Breast cancer awareness or rehabilitation training occurs in many different professions and in many ways (face to face, online) and may have training qualification requirments.

To view training/ educational resource summary and links to see more information go here

If you are a trainer, you need to apply here to have your listing added to the register.

Stellar Register

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Stellar  Register

This is a members only service for innovators and thought leaders across professions serving people after breast cancer.


Together we can create opportunities to support innovators and thought leaders in breast cancer survivorship. 

A simple first step is to create a register of networking opportunities. 

As many of us are micro - small business owners (self- funders) or hospital employees with limited financial support,

the first project is to establish a register of free access opportunities.

Examples of this are "in clinic" shadowing, research ideas, face to face skype.

To ensure that this opportunity goes to where it is intended- people who join this register must demonstrate a leadership in their service delivery via their application.

For people who can offer a free access opportunity - you will still have full control over communications and arrangements made with a request through this register. This will be low tech - the register visitor will make an email connection with a free access opportunity lister .

Listings will be simple and low cost format. Once your application to this register is approved, you can supply a suitable image and your paragraph + website link from the application will be checked with you before going live.

 Cost: FREE listing and viewing for approved members

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