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The Summit is:

  • for BC survivors  and their support team 

  • International and multi-disciplinary​  

  • Pre-recorded video conference over 7 -8days

  • 24 hr access to each days program .

    A preview program for sharing in 2018-19


  • Only for the Summit, the official launch of BCR&W video presentations

  • Receive updates  and program reminders  for the Summit: December 1- 8 2018

  • Receive news for 2019-20 BCR&W Summit

Purhase options for BCR&W Summit  

Dana Danofree tells her post breast cancer

recovery story: Ana Ono

Presenters 2018-19

Countdown until the Summit starts


Reduce unwanted

side effects for

breast cancer survivors, across the world.

Provide best

"after  diagnosis" care options.

Find yourself in the best breast cancer aware team.

Between December 1st-8th:  a new program of speakers every 24 hours.

The program will highlight viewing suitability.

Video presentations will be directed to: health professionals, breast cancer survivors

or may suit both. 

Dealing with anxiety and fear

" a (virtual) workshop you don’t want to miss"

Denise Stewart

Warrior vs Compassion

Presenter: Dr Robin Dilley

It is easy to feel like a victim when your body seems to betray you.

 You have to wrap your head and heart around the fact that you have cancer.


 There are many stories we can tell ourselves about this disease, but we want to make sure we are telling ourselves a helpful story.  


Journaling can help us write the story of hope and help us get in touch with the healer within.

Join Dr. Dilley as she talks to you candidly about being a person with cancer, helping you create imagery that you can believe in and use to heal your mutant cells daily.


 Through journaling and imagery you will develop tools that not only help you cope but also lower your anxiety and reduce your fear.  

Dr Robin's  preview presentation is here

After the Summit

Providing best "after  diagnosis" care options throughout 2019

Help change the life of a breast cancer survivor in your town. Purchase a link for your website


Website supporters bring the full program to their community during 2019. 

3 clicks to start viewing a presentation from a sponsor website.


See how easy this works: 2017-18 program here

After Summit
Virual workshop

Project funding

Bringing better recovery and quality of life  for breast cancer survivors is my passion, work and volunteer service.

 Special thanks to the presenters who offer their service to the Summit  pro bono: they too are passionate about recovery and wellness.

Together we will make a real difference.

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