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"Should my chest still be painful?"
"Will my arm movement get better?"
"Will I ever be able to have a sexual relationship with my partner again?"
"I wish I could get over this fatigue!"
"I really want to do the best by my body - so I have a better chance of living."
"My brain just won't stop talking."

Why is the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit needed?

Survivors recover better if they have the right information and have good support.

The Summit is the brainchild of one therapist, Denise Stewart, who has a lifelong passion for improving the quality of life for breast cancer survivors. I found my like-minded "tribe" of breast cancer health professionals online and was inspired by our work individually and collectively. Borrowing the online Health Summit format allows us to share this inspiration with breast cancer survivors. 

Our current health resources make it very difficult for many people after breast cancer to receive timely, up to date information and advice about new and difficult or uncomfortable experiences (often side effects) after breast cancer. The timing for annoying or painful symptoms after breast cancer diagnosis varies, they can occur during and well after the cancer treatment program.  In both instances, it may be hard to find either the energy or the right person to deal with these very complex symptoms.  

The Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit will help people know more about services available and how to find the right help to manage their own recovery and wellness issues since breast cancer better.


What is the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Summit?

International experts will present the latest information on rehabilitation and wellness.


An online health summit is where speakers, expert in their field, come together and share their knowledge about a specific field of health. Viewers benefit by having an opportunity to listen to many speakers over the Summit period, talking about the same topic- but from many different points of view.

In this case, the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Summit will have speakers who are leaders in this field. Doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, yoga, reiki and pilate instructors and many more- all speaking about their extensive experience: helping people recover after breast cancer.

An amazing feature of this Summit is that speakers are coming from many different professional backgrounds and from different countries.  Each speaker has been chosen because of their passion and experience in breast cancer recovery and wellness. As expected, the speakers offer their presentations freely for educational purposes only, not as personalized advice or recommendations. 


You can expect that they will present the latest solutions and most inspiring conversations.

Reliable online information about the many different solutions available will help breast cancer survivors realize they have a choice- which is very empowering. 


How will you attend the Summit?

Come to this website each day and watch the speaker's video presentations.


Be the first to attend this new event, register for the Summit Launch.

The Launch will commence on Dec 1st  and extend for 7 days.

The Summit will have new video presentations available each day.

You will receive an emailed link to the day's (web) page from Eventbrite or refresh the program page each day.


Each day you will view the presentations that interest you.  

My wish for viewers is that through the variety of speakers you will feel a sense of connection and hope for change, as well as feel you have choices. Through listening to expert speakers, you may have clearer thoughts and conversations with your own health team: what you would really like to work on, what may suit your life and style. All with the aim of you achieving your best recovery and wellness. 

The most important feature of this Summit is free access. Reducing the barriers to good information is important to this project as it is well recognized that the breast cancer experience is very draining on the person and their family's finances. By providing free access, one more barrier to achieving best recovery and well being is removed. 

Summit viewers will be encouraged to take the information they found interesting from the Summit back to their local health professional so a personalized plan can be developed.


The Summit will also direct viewers to a new free online service, listing service providers with cancer aware training and experience.

What happens after the Summit Launch?

The entire Summit program will be available for viewers for 12 months.

You will be able to come back to the  Breast Cancer Rehab & Wellness resource when you need it. Choose a speaker who has the website link or find a local business website that will sponsor the link.  Then share this resource with others in your community.

This resource can be free access to breast cancer survivors, through a new community/ business based funding model.

Ask your local organization or business to support this project by purchasing a logo/ link to the entire program of presentations. That way they can directly support women and men in their community through the link on their website for 12 months.

Sustainable funding will allow a newly updated program to be arranged for the following year - after December 2019. This will ensure that new and updated information is always available to the viewer.

Can you support the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Summit and Resource 2018- 19?

Research shows that 50% - 90% of people after breast cancer experience difficulties for years after their treatment has finished.

According to a 2016 study, 70% of clinical care cancer centers failed to provide details on cancer rehabilitation services.  

This Summit will provide information, insights and how to find people who can support  survivors and their care givers during their recovery. 

You can help in three ways:

  1. Help others after breast cancer and share this resource through your community networks. Use this invitation and registration.

  2. Purchase the logo /link for your website, to share with your ​breast cancer community.

  3. Help make life after breast cancer better for others  through a donation or presentation support.

Who could be financial contributors to the Summit

2018-19 project?

Your Breast Cancer Clinic may be interested in supporting access to this project for each of the patients who undergo treatment. You could connect with your clinic coordinator and provide them with a Summit invite at the registration link.  

Your Breast Cancer Network may be interested in supporting this project - to encourage members to check in and listen to the latest rehab and wellness discussions.

Purchase the Resource artwork and link to the presentations for Aug 2017- Aug 2018 and have your members access this information from your website (via crowd funding project).

Professional Associations may be interested in the community benefit of the educational service provided by the health professionals in this Summit, to women (and men) in their state or country.

Individuals may also wish to contribute, gift, to this Summit project.

Women (and men) who are experiencing sexual dysfunction, shoulder weakness, scar pain and fatigue can access online information through the Summit- knowing that the speakers have been screened, and are recognized as leaders in their field of breast cancer rehabilitation and wellness.


Purchase the Australian Indigenous artwork Logo and link to the presentations for Aug 2017- Aug 2018 and have your members access this information from your website  via crowd funding project (coming soon).


Empowering women ( and men)  who are struggling to cope after breast cancer to take action,  will be the reward for providing a gift to the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Summit.

A crowd funding project will be launched during the Summit - please be ready to help share to your networks.


Purchase a digital adjusted image of the artwork created by Indigenous artist, Anthony Donas
5" by 7" 
$30 (AUS)  posted by snail mail
$25 (AUS) email image file

Artwork by Anthony Donas.

Created for women and men after breast cancer.


Each person is at the center of their own unique circles: family, carers, supporters, health and research workers.

Australian Indigenous culture teaches the importance of knowing your self through the support of others in your circle. These circles grow as your awareness of self grows.




To purchase these products you will be transferred to the shop owned by Denise Stewart at 

Pay forward. Support the update of this project for other breast cancer survivors, next year.
$100 ( AUS)  

If you wish to support this project with a different contribution, contact me 

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