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BOUNCE BACK from breast cancer : online services

For all viewers (17 mins)

Kate Perkins ( AUSTRALIA) 

1. Three different levels of exercises that can be performed in sequence after breast surgery

2. Kate explains member services: community education program and new exercises

3.  Kate offers online support to local health professionals for her members.

4. New GUT HEALTH and COMPRESSION programs partners with Bounce Back

Kate  can be contacted for in-room services (Sydney)  + access to online services

What to do when radiation fibrosis adds to your trauma

For all viewers (34 mins)

Shaloo Choudhary  (USA) updates us on:

1. Definitions of trauma, poly trauma and radiation fibrosis

2. How Radiation affects the stickiness of the local tissues

3. A model of OT care developed by Shaloo

4. Mirror therapy, laughter Yoga and more

all viewers

Connect with Shaloo (New Jersey) here for in-room services

SEVEN types of fibrosis

For all viewers (20 mins)

Karen Ashforth (USA) updates us on:

1. Descriptions of the seven types of fibrosis

2. A range of treatment methods for each type of fibrosis

3. This presentation will suit all viewers

Connect with Karen for in-room services ( Santa Cruz CA) or health professional training services 

MOVE from daily activity and physical activity to exercise

For non-HP viewers (15 mins)

Jenny Spencer (USA) updates us on:

1. Exercise before surgery

2. The difference between physical activity and exercise

3. Fatigue and rounded shoulder posture can be managed with selected exercise

This presentation will suit all viewers

Connect with Jenny (Greater Chicago)  for exercise training

Self-Healing after mastectomy

For non-HP viewers

Denise Stewart (Australia)  updates us on:

1. The COVID blog series to help people work through a range of safe self-care tasks for their chest

2. A new online live small group program to investigate a range of treatments that can be chosen for self-care. 

Connect with Denise Stewart for in-room ( Brisbane)  and online services

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