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Conquering hormonal therapy side- effects

For all viewers (41 mins)

Kristin Carroll (USA) updates us on:

1. The different ways estrogen is controlled

2. The side effects linked to these different ways

3. The importance of physical, emotional and non-pharma options to manage side-effects

Kristin can be contacted for consulting and training services for oncology professionals/services

The value of Pilates reformer and tower exercises

For all viewers (16 mins)

Ainslie McLean  (USA) updates us on:

1. Low-gravity and spring  assisted exercises on the reformer can be helpful 

2. Examples of shoulder &neck exercises using the tower

3. Examples of bench stretches for back and quads

all viewers

Connect with Ainslie (Birmingham, Alabama) ) here for in-room services and online services

Healing through intimacy and  sexuality

For non-HP viewers

Dr Fran Fisher (USA) updates us on:

1. Step by step discovery of new senses in both intimacy and sexuality.

2. Why self-pleasure is important for healing


Protect yourself - check yourself

Connect with Dr Fran for online consult or resources

Healing through therapeutic music

For all viewers

Amy Camie (USA) updates us on:

1.  A new online training program: Conscious self-care ( for health professionals)

2.  How to access Amy's therapeutic music free & purchased

3.  How Amy's music is been integrated into research and cancer care programs

Facebook group

Connect with Amy for online consult or resources

RESTORE shoulder education program

For HP viewers (23 mins)

Patrice de Peiza (Canada) updates us on:

1. How the RESTORE program was developed

2. Changes to the program following COVID, with learnings from these

3. Training for health professionals: RESTORE shoulder anatomy and impairments

RESTORE Program (Canada)  

Training for health professionals

PEC MINOR assessment 

For HP viewers (23 mins)

David Ebough (USA) updates us on:

1. The background why testing pec minor length is important

2. Tips to measure resting length and stretched length

3. How pec minor is linked to breast cancer side-effects

David has many research papers, this is the breast cancer related one

JOIN the private HP Facebook group where many research papers are listed to view and comment on

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