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Session 7

Emad Besher a physical therapist in Qatar speaks about how his therapy team constructed a multidisciplinary team (MDT) model of care for breast cancer survivors.

He offers great strategies to use in a hospital cancer care system.

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Kiti Rolle- Adderley, a physical therapist and trained in lymphodema care and nutrition examines more deeply how people can identify symptoms that may reflect poor lymphatic health and then strategies to bring about change.

Knowing more about how your body works, means that you can shoose to take action.

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Cynthia Shechter combined her OT hand therapy skills with lymphoedema training to develop her breast cancer rehab practice - which she claims is not a black or white approach, but grey. 

Medical literature would use a more technical term -  personalized  care.

Hear Cynthia's reasoning for her 100% approach to find breast cancer rehab solutions that work best for the individual.

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Denise Stewart, OT and breast cancer rehab trainer delves deep into the anatomy of the serratus anterior muscle.  When it is NOT in good working order it may be responsible for pain at deep breathing, uncomfortable sleep and not being able to wear a bra, because of pain. 


Listen to  Denise's tips for assessment and treatment

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