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Session  1

1. Click on the video

2. Choose the symbol to view in a large screen.

3. Use the Escape button once finished

Dr Michael Stubblefield, a leading international cancer rehab physician, explains how cancer rehab is being built within Select medical loctations, USA

Dr Emilia Dauway, a leading surgical oncologist, explains how she uses Yoga mindfulness and practice to guide her care and choices for breast cancer survivors.

Oncology consultations and mindfulness training

Amy Camie, a certified clinical musician, and professional harpist shares the loving life lessons she values after her cancer experiences. Her book and CD are available for purchase.

Dr Julie Baartz, a Medical Practioner explains how her cording was missed and dismissed and then resolved.

 Dr Julie believes that people after breast cancer need to be self-advocates for their rehab care: if it's not right, ask for trained health professional help.

Do you have 30 mins today to try Alison Potts new free meditation: 

Make Peace With Yourself In Anxious Times

This link will take you to Soundcloud with free access

Alison was a guest speaker at the 2019-19 Summit, she speaks of her meditation method here

I support these organizations

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Services supporting hope

Foundation 96.PNG

Find a cancer-trained therapist

Kick pink.PNG

A new online project to support recovery


Clothing supporting  Australian indigenous artists

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