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Leslie Waltke, a physical therapist (PHD), has been advocating cancer rehab for three decades. Hear how having a trained cancer therapist should be on your team right from the start after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Connect for health professional oncology  training

Dr Robin Dilley, pyschologist, coach, author and breast cancer thriver takes you through three ways to use journalling. 

Dr Robin explains the benefits of having a record, a confidant and a way to sort through feelings, all in a book or on paper.


Online consultation, workshops and inspiring workbooks

Amber Trevino, a cancer-trained physical therapist, speaks about how new treatments are being used by physical therapists, to manage the numbness or sensitivity people get from some chemo drugs.

Amber Trevino works as a clinician, educator, and advocates for cancer rehabilitation services in Texas

Clare Anvar, a massage therapist and lymphoedema therapist shows how she tapes for a variety of impairments; seroma, scar tissue, rounded shoulder and pain, and lymphoedema.

Connect with Clare for clinical consultations: Kent, UK

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