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 Session 5

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Kelley Mondesire, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, explains how photobiomodulation has been used in her practice to treat the hypersensitivity pain, the side effect of some anti-cancer medications. 

Connect for consultations (NY) and research collaboration.

Marci Javril, Yoga and movement instructor, therapist and coach demonstrates her gentle hands-on techniques, she calls  Melting Touch Method©,


You can use these light-touch methods on healed skin when itis feeling tight.

Marci is a clinician, a trainer and an author. Connect at her website.

My apologies for the internet quality between the USA and Brisbane on this day, but the instruction is worth viewing.

David Blow, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, and neuromuscular taping instructor demonstrates his method of taping for sensation changes, swelling and skin movement after a mastectomy.


Connect for training and research collaboration.

As a solo private practitioner, I have made the best connections, networking buddies AND LIFE LONG FRIENDS

from working on the Summit project.

Denise Stewart


Health professionals, read more about opportunities to connect online and share?

at this site

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