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Guest speakers and businesses believe in the value of sharing this information to people living with and beyond breast cancer and have made it available to their website viewers over the year.

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Look for Summit logo

at the sponsors link below

Empowering people after a breast cancer diagnosis to recover and feel well is important.

Knowledge is POWER. Listen to these presentations in full and be inspired to take action.

FOUR steps to start listening to recovery solutions from these website sponsors

  1. Choose a supporter                                                                           Click their logo

  2. Choose the Summit logo on their website page                    Click  Summit logo    

  3. Choose the presentation and session from the program     Click WATCH                                      

  4. You will have 5 or more videos on this session page              Click to start the video

Website sponsors: 2021


Breast and Shoulder Rehab

Brisbane, Australia

New Attitude 2.jpg

New Attitude Custom Made Breast  Prostheses

Buffalo, New York

Fight the Fatigue Blue.jpg

Fight the Fatigue

Resize Bounce_Back_circle_logo.jpg

Bounce Back

From Breast Cancer



Improve Intimacy




Karen Ashforth


FINAL - Nathalie - JPEG.jpg

Beth Hoag



Golden Acupuncturist4-04.png

New York


Breast Cancer Rehab

Susannah Haarmann


IMG_5101 (2).jpg

Dr Anitha 

Sleep coach

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