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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource  2017    Week 1

Ideas for this week
  • Make your own medicine bag
  • Follow the guided imagery each day
  • Start the journaling challenge each day
  • 30 mins of exercise that suits you each day.
  • Investigate your local resources: Suitable walks, a walking labyrinth, breast cancer aware exercise program or Yoga therapy instructor
  • Prepare a skin rash / insect bite kit for yourself
  • Who is your "coach/es" for wellness and your cancer journey? Make a list so you know you have someone to call on when you need.
Youtube offers an immediate translation into captions. It is not perfect,  but allows viewers to choose captions in their language.

Kristin Carroll

Rehabilitation and wellness: Overview

  1. Understand why rehabilitation may not have been recommended to you.

  2. Know the difference between rehab and wellness

  3. How to find a therapist/ service provider

All information presented here is general advice only and not personalized advice. Viewing this program is done in agreement with the terms and conditions of this website

Morag Currin 

Skin rashes: How to manage them

  1. See common skin rashes associated with chemotherapy.

  2. Hear advice about treatments for dry or inflamed skin 

  3. Hear why skin care is important

Marjorie Brook

Breast cancer scar tissue: Overview

  1. Understand why scar tissue is not the bad guy.

  2. Know what problematic scar tissue can be responsible for.

  3. Hear about the time frames for scar tissue treatment .

Adriana Cabanas 

Introducing Yoga to survivors in Mexico

  1. See how service providers  come to provide a breast cancer specific service.

  2. Hear about Yoga for breast cancer survivors in Mexico.

We welcome Spanish speaking viewers  and viewers in other languages- Use YOUTUBE CAPTIONS to choose the language required.

Andrea Leonard

Exercise for survivors: Why it needs to be addressed

  1. Hear how exercise rehabilitation developed on Andrea's watch in the USA.

  2. Know why strength training must be carefully prescribed.

  3. Choosing an exercise that is fun for you is important.

Paula Holland DeLong 

How a coach helps after breast cancer

  1. What is a cancer coach.

  2. Why choose a cancer (life) coach.

  3. When to choose a cancer coach.

Dr Robin Dilley

What you can have in your medicine bag

  1. Design and carry your own medicine bag.

  2. Hear about how journaling and labyrinth walking can be positive tasks for your recovery.

  3. Participate in a guided imagery session.

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