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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource 2017  Week 2

Ideas for week 2
  • Reflect on your own medicine bag items ( Dr Robin Dilley week 1)
  • Find another source of  guided imagery to use over this week  or find a labyrinth to practice daily meditation.
  • Aim for the six day  journaling challenge and review whether this suits  you
  • 30 mins of exercise that suits you each day.
  • Investigate your local cancer aware resources:    
  • Each day try one or more of the food preparation methods suggested by Dr David.
  •  Rate your own level of distress. See how you are going and whether you need to seek help (link at  Dr Linda's presentation) .
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Karen Anderson 

How to find a therapist who knows about cancer care.

  1. Understand why finding cancer trained health professionals has been difficult.

  2.  What are the key initiatives  with this project

  3. How to use foundation96 website

Dr Linda Carlson

Mindfulness training.

  1. How can we measure distress and why is this important?

  2. How does mindfulness help relieve stress?

  3.  What can a mindfulness program be?

Avinoam Lerner

Understanding the immune system and

the mind.

  1. The impact of mental suffering and emotional distress on health and immune function.

  2. How clinical hypnotherapy can resolve harmful states of mind.

  3. Listen to a case study and discover the mechanism of this process.

Dr David Wilkinson

Can food be used as medicine?

  1.  Hear about how foods change the body's tissue health. 

  2. 3 foods that can help improve health.

  3.  How these foods need to be prepared.

Amy Tyler

Oncology Massage to relieve symptoms.

  1. How is Oncology Massage helping people after cancer.

  2. When can Oncology Massage be used.

Renuka Pinto

Physical Recovery: A Physical Therapist's  advice.

  1. Hear how  physical therapists can help people recover after breast cancer

  2. Why do New York trains travelers after breast cancer need physical therapy help?

Susannah Haarmann

Menopause changes: Physical therapy approach to sexuality.

  1. How prevalent is this problem.

  2. How the drugs affect the vaginal tissues and more.

  3. Areas that can improve with the right help.

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