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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource 2017 Week 5

Ideas for week 5
  • Practice daily meditation 
  • 30 mins of exercise that addresses osteoporosis ( Carol's presentation) 
  • Continue with your favorite food preparation methods suggested by Dr David.
  • Review your daily exercise to identify how forward bend can be managed out or replaced with hip hinge method.
  • Write your 3 lists from Rebecca's presentation and place your lists to review daily.
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Your presentations for 24 hours are:

Carol Michaels

Exercise to manage osteoporosis risk

  1. Recommendations for early management 

  2. Why should certain exercises be avoided

  3. Examples of exercises for home use.

All information presented here is general advice only and not personalized advice. Viewing this program is done in agreement with the terms and conditions of this website

Alene Nitzky

Survivor to FIERCE.

  1. Outlines the areas that you need to attend to the recovery and be healthy.

  2. Survivors need to have self advocacy skills- examples of these skills and tips when talking to your doctor 

  3. Examples of how Cancer Harbours coaching can help the survivor and the caregiver,  learn the skills for well being  and recovery.

Wendy Smith

Designing a prosthesis with women's needs in mind.

  1. Choices for women after mastectomy

  2. Important prosthesis design features

  3. Creativity and new solutions 

Rebecca Pine

How to deal with emotional scars.

  1. 5 tips for inner healing 

  2. A guided meditation to develop your list of early warning and strategies for calming

  3. See the amazing photographs supporting inner healing

Kelley Mondesire

Acupuncture: Breast cancer care

  1. Estrogen reduction side effects that can benefit from acupuncture

  2. How acupuncture for people after breast cancer differs to acupuncture for sports person.

  3. What does a course of acupuncture involve.

Stellar Maris Glowinski

Physical Therapy care after breast reconstruction

1. See  a massage technique for scar tissue at  breast reconstruction  and fat donor site.

2. Lymphatic massage is demonstrated

3. Lymph taping is demonstrated 

Tracey Grills

Choices and tips for prosthesis and bra selections

1. Breast swelling or trunk swelling bra features.

Lorraine Josey

Posture retraining: Biofeedback vs following corrective instructions

  1. What changes does rounded shoulder posture create.

  2. Why does following postural instructions not work during the day when we are busy.

  3. Hear the research behind Backtone (biofeedback)  for office workers.

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