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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource 2017

Ideas for week 6
  • Decide if you are in rehab phase or wellness phase ( Lou James presentation) and connect with a health or wellness professional to suit your needs. 
  • Practice daily meditation 
  • 30 mins of exercise  daily
  • Continue with your favorite food preparation methods suggested by Dr David.
  • Add in the chair based exercises from Naomi's presentation.
  • Write your ideas from  Paula's presentation. Give them some extra thought over the week.
  • Decide whether you are having  "those important conversations"  in your current circle of people (Linda's presentation).
  • If you think you need professional assistance, seek out health providers in your area or cancer trained providers at  
  • Subscribe to LE&RN at Youtube if you want to learn more about lymph/o/edema (Judith's presentation)
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All information presented here is general advice only and not personalized advice. Viewing this program is done in agreement with the terms and conditions of this website

Naomi Aaronson

Pilates adapted for breast cancer survivors

1. Know the key principles of Pilates ( breath and posture).

2. Practice Pilates in a seated position  - do it any where - right!

3. See Naomi's guide to when the Pilates exercises can be performed

Laura Mutti

Physical Therapy after breast cancer in Mantova, Italy

  1. What are the symptoms of lymphedema

  2. What are the symptoms of cording and scar problems.

  3. Physical therapist has extra training to be able to help.

Claire  Davies

Treatment for tight breast cancer scar

  1. The words people use to describe problematic scar tissue

  2. The importance of treating mastectomy chest sensitivity

  3. ASTYM treatment of scar tissue explained

  4. Body image and personal space changes can be treated

Linda Conyard

Counselling: Find the right support after cancer

  1. What conversations can be had with a counselor.

  2. How to find a counselor to suit you.

  3. Have the death and dying conversation early.

Lorna Golombic

Insight from physio therapist and use of newer electrical stimulation devices

  1. When is the best time to see your physio/therapist.

  2. How the new tens devices help with problematic scar tissue and pain.

Janet Schloss

Nerve changes secondary to chemotherapy

  1. The research behind the medicines

  2. The research behind the nutraceuticals

  3. Vit B 12 can be evaluated early and  early treatment is recommended.

Lou James

 11 essential steps to recovery

  1. Progressing from rehab and wellness 

  2. See new exercise programs developed to gradually increase strength and achieve personal goals.

  3. Listen to Lou's best tips for recovery and success in fitness goals.


Paula Holland De Long

What is next after cancer treatment ends?

Normal is not normal anymore (part 1)

  1. Work through some great challenges by Paula  through visualization and journaling

  2. Feeling "not normal" is a stage, what are the normal changes

  3. Find the things that matter the most to you for the next part of life

Dr Judith Nudleman

Lymphedema: When and how to find a therapist

  1. Work through the challenges of knowing how lymphedema presents and how to take action.

  2. This is an American experience however reflects common issues.

  3. An introduction to LE&RN, an information resource.

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