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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource 2017

Eeris Kallil

Questions answered about massage after cancer.

  1. Is massage safe after a cancer diagnosis

  2. Is massage safe after nodes are removed

  3. When is the best time to receive a massage

Ideas for week 7
  • Rate your breast cancer scar and decide if you need to take further action to manage your scar tissue response.
  • Practice daily meditation, consider Stillness Meditation ( Rii' presentation)
  • 30 mins of exercise  daily
  • Continue with your favorite food preparation methods suggested by Dr David.
  • Continue practice  chair based exercises from Naomi's presentation.
  • Write your ideas from Paula's presentation under the headings of her three steps.
  • Think about occasions when your subconscious response could stem from your early life experiences ( Avinoam's presentation)  
  • If you think you need professional assistance, seek out health providers in your area or cancer trained providers at  
  • Consider how you can nourish your vaginal tissues ( Ellen's presentation) 
  • Take note of your digestive systems  responses over each day of the week and decide whether your system is function well or not.

Denise Stewart

Problematic breast /chest scars:

Assessments to guide your treatment needs

  1. Why assess scars after breast cancer.

  2. Know about the > 8 types of scars 

  3. Use my new tests to help you feel and see problematic scars.

Paula Holland De Long 

Three essential steps to create what's next for best possible life (part 2)

  1. How to choose the one thing that resonates with you to move forward

  2. Give permission  to go forward

  3. Sustainable action.

Your 1 page Tips summary pdf 

Discount to Paula's programs 

Avinoam Lerner

How clinical hypnosis can help cancer care.

  1. How does clinical hypnosis differ to the stage type hypnosis.

  2. A good example of childhood experience interpreted poorly by the adult.

  3. The impact of the subconscious mind 

Ellen Barnard

Vaginal changes: Nourishing the tissues to health 

  1. The importance of great sexual advice after breast cancer.

  2. How massage with a nourishing lotion can be helpful.

  3. Why a new medical device was designed to apply vibration to the tissues.

Shannon Carlin

Oncology Naturopathy and Nutritionist

  1. The therapeutic window must be understood when prescribing any natural supplements and herbal medicine, to ensure no negative interactions.

  2. See the research guided regimes for the management of tamoxifen side effects.  A case study is explored.

  3. Understand how naturopathy is the ideal adjunct medicine with conventional oncology care.

Rii Mitchell

 Stillness Meditation 

  1. What does it take to learn this method

  2. Guides to the length of meditation

  3. Online methods of learning Stillness Meditation

Morag Curran

 Skin care products: Reading the labels 

  1. The label does indicate the proportions for ingredients.

  2. What does "natural" vs "synthetic" mean to the consumer

  3. What can parabens do to the body tissues.

Tracey Grills

Tips for mastectomy prosthesis purchase

1. Health rebates in Australia

2. Research store for their range

3. Allow time to try on

4. New style mastectomy bras

All information presented here is general advice only and not personalized advice. Viewing this program is done in agreement with the terms and conditions of this website

Jacqui  Beutel

Tips for lymphoedema care

1.  Skin moisturizers and massage tips

2.  What does lymphoedema therapy involve

3. Cellulitis: How  to manage this red/ hot infection.

What next?

The information from these presentations can help survivors and their caregivers better navigate the recovery phase of the breast cancer journey.


A creative new means of sharing this information will be available over the next 12 months.  

Community minded website owners can purchase a logo and link to the entire program.  

People who know about this service will visit their website page and then be transferred to the adapted Summit program - Breast Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness Resource 2017. 

A list of website sponsors to this program will be available here.

The summit program will be adapted to a seven week online program.

Viewers will be encouraged to choose actions each day over the seven weeks. 

You can help breast cancer survivors and their care givers in your community access this information program - click on the six ways  to support this project below.

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