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BRAVE Equal access to breast reconstruction (BR)

For all viewers (20 mins)

Christine Grogan (USA) updates us on:

1. The USA legislation supporting equal access to BR

2. Equal access to BR projects in other countries

3. Help with education, support, getting a second opinion 

Christine can be contacted to help with equal access issues  across the world

Gentle rib repositioning practice (Part2)

For all viewers (42 min)

Denise Stewart (AUSTRALIA) updates us on:

1. Learning to feel for changes in rib position

2. Practice gentle movements to bring ribs in different positions

3. How to tell if the rib bones are better positioned

all viewers

Connect with Denise (Brisbane) here for in-room and online services or HP training 

Tips for introducing exercise to oncology centres

For HP viewers (14 mins)

Jenny Spencer  (USA) updates us on:

1. An insiders view as an oncology nurse offers great insights for others

2. How to engage oncology health professionals in the benefits of exercise

3. Cancer care workers need to know the difference between physical activity and exercise

Connect with Jenny (Greater Chicago)  for exercise training

Podcasts for new HP's starting oncology care services                              

For HP viewers (18 mins)

Elise Cantu (USA)  updates us on:

1. The motivation for helping educate other health professionals

2. Common oncology service delivery topics that therapists don't  learn at University

Connect with Elise for training, coaching and podcast

Scar Tissue Management – Timing Matters                                 

For all viewers (42 mins)

Catherine Ryan (Canada)  updates us on:

1.  Research that supports massage of scars

2. Primary drivers of fibrotic (anomalous) collogen

3.  The important learnings about scar massage after surgery

4.  Why we are not "breaking down" scar tissue

Cath's Scar book: Traumatic scar tissue management,  can be found here

COVID: Changes to a private cancer wellness practice in New York

For HP viewers

Kelley Mondesire' (USA) updates us on:

1. When your customers just don't work/live  there anymore

2.  Transport to and from your practice  with safety in mind

Connect with Kelley Mondesire for in-room services and online consulting

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